Hadoop Cluster Automation with Ansible!!


Ansible doesn’t depend on agent software and, most importantly, no additional custom security infrastructure, so this makes it easy to deploy. The following implementations describe the work of Ansible in Hadoop Automation.


For creating a Hadoop cluster, we need to do some configurations manually. But to save time and effort, Ansible can be used for automating the entire process.

This Article will be the step by step guide to configure the Hadoop cluster from Ansible.


Step-1 Create a Host file where you can store all the IP of Data Node and Name Node

Step-2 Create a Playbook

  • Playbook for Configure NameNode
  • Playbook for DataNode

Step-3 Configure the hdfs-site and core-site file for Namenode and Datanode

  • hdfs-site for NameNode
  • hdfs-site for DataNode
  • core-site for NameNode and DataNode

Step-4 Run the Playbook

ansible-playbook namenode.yml
  • The Namenode is successfully configured
ansible-playbook datanode.yml

The Datanode is successfully configured

Whole Hadoop Cluster Set up is done Using Ansible Automation Successfully✨✨

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